About Pimcore Setup - Initial information

Pimcore Global Services uses the innovative Continuous Delivery approach to improve your overall software development capability.

The Continuous Delivery approach is designed to simplify and accelerate the process of bringing applications from code to production. Continuous delivery removes traditional obstacles, automates manual steps, and provides best practices that leverage and enhance the Agile development methodology to ensure fast and high quality application delivery. This approach helps you:
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About Pimcore Setup - Initial information

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PIMcore is an award-winning content/product management framework and multi-channel e-commerce platform based on open standards, like the Zend Framework, PHP and MySQL.
About Pimcore
CMS – Content Management System, PIM – Product Information Management, DMS-Assets management as well as data management
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Web Content-Management

Admin Interface
Username: admin
Password: demo
This online-demo is also available as a download (Sampe Data). 
Attention: The demos are reset every hour!
E-Commerce, Asset Management & PIM
Admin Interface
Username: demo
Password: demo2013
Optional Login:
Username: demo@pimcore.org
Password: demo2013
API-Key for this user: 23b4f21155d1fc90c5bd5e3cd4c4ddf4
For more information please contact us: info@pimcore.com

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